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Planning policy

Guidance and advice on planning policy in the Lewes district and borough of Eastbourne.

Have your say on future development in Lewes district

Lewes District Council is encouraging as many residents as possible to have their say through this stage of consultation on future development in the district.

This consultation is about gathering your views, and evidence the sites and our suggested policies, which together will form the spatial strategy and policies. The draft Local Plan, when published in spring 2024 will then set out the policies and framework for new homes, employment space and community facilities. The consultation is running from 29 November 2023 to 8 February 2024. Read the full details.

This page covers services for both councils. If you have chosen to access information from your own council only, selecting one of the services below will take you to information for that council.

A quick guide to the Lewes District Local Plan

A Local Plan sets out all of the planning policies and proposals for that area.

Authority Monitoring Report

The Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) provides a snapshot of planning performance.

Brownfield Land Register

The government has set out its commitment to provide one million more homes and grant planning permission on 90% of suitable brownfield sites for housing by 2020.

Eastbourne Borough Plan

The Eastbourne Borough Plan outlines the policy framework used to determine planning applications.

Eastbourne Core Strategy

The Eastbourne Core Strategy Local Plan sets out the key direction and planning framework for Eastbourne.

Eastbourne Core Strategy examination library

Our examination library contains the submission documents published in support of the 2013 Eastbourne Core Strategy Local Plan

Eastbourne Employment Land Local Plan

The Employment Land Local Plan (ELLP) guides job growth and economic development in Eastbourne up to 2027.

Eastbourne Local Plan 2019-2039

A new Local Plan for Eastbourne is currently in preparation.

Eastbourne Town Centre Local Plan

Eastbourne Borough Council adopted the Town Centre Local Plan on 20 November 2013.

Emerging Lewes Local Plan 2021

Visit our external consultation site for information about our closed consultation on the Emerging Lewes Local Plan 2021

Employment Land Review

The Employment Land Review (ELR) is a technical evidence document that will be used, along with other evidence, to inform the preparation of planning policy.

Habitats regulations

Habitats regulations requires us to ensure no significant harm comes to any protected European site.

Housing Delivery Test

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) was introduced by Government as a way of monitoring whether a local planning authority is building enough homes to meet their housing requirement.

Land Availability Assessment

A detailed document that identifies and assesses all land for Lewes district and Eastbourne's residential and employment development potential.

Lewes Background Reports

Download background studies that have been produced to inform planning policy work in Lewes district.

Lewes Core Strategy: Local Plan Part 1

Documents and policies regarding the Lewes Core Strategy: Local Plan Part 1

Lewes District Local Plan 2003

The Lewes District Local Plan was adopted in March 2003. Some of its policies have now been replaced by the policies of the Lewes District Local Plan Part 1: Joint Core Strategy 2010-2030, adopted on 11 May 2016. Its remaining policies are currently under review and will eventually be replaced by the Local Plan Part 2:Site Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD.

Lewes District Local Plan 2003 saved policies

The Lewes District Local Plan was adopted in March 2003.

Lewes District Local Plan Help

In order to use this Interactive version of the Lewes District Local Plan to its fullest potential it is strongly recommended for the user to read the 'How to Use' guide that follows before proceeding.

Lewes Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2) examination

Introduction and latest news on the Lewes Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2) examination

Lewes Local Plan Part 2: Site allocations and development management policies

Site allocations and development management policies, Lewes Local Plan Part 2

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is the three-year work programme for producing planning policy documents.

Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Register

Self-build is where an individual or a group of individuals purchase a plot of land to build a house to live in. Most of the work or the management of the construction is realised by the future owner.

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets the standard and approach we take to involve stakeholders and the community in consulting on planning matters.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRA) are used as a tool for assessing flood risk from various sources of flooding.

Supplementary Planning Guidance and Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Guidance and Documents for Lewes and Eastbourne.