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Wheelie bins

Changes to bin collections days from 4 March and new refuse wheelie bins in Lewes district

Environmental problems

Read about environmental problems, including bonfires, noise nuisance, pollution, pest control and air quality

This page covers services for both councils. If you have chosen to access information from your own council only, selecting one of the services below will take you to information for that council.

Noise nuisance

Mediation services to help with noise nuisances in your neighbourhood, and when we can help with unreasonable noise.

Drainage and sewers

Read about who is responsible for drains and sewers, and how to report problems.


Read our advice if you are planning to light a bonfire or if you want to complain about a neighbour causing a nuisance with smoke.


Important things to consider when planning a firework event and safely disposing of fireworks.

Artificial light nuisances

Poorly considered artificial light, or badly aimed light in the wrong place and at the wrong time can cause problems.

Air quality and health

Read about our ongoing partnership work to address air quality issues and learn how to get air quality alerts, forecasts, and reports.


Find out what Radon gas is and what can be done if you have concerns

Private water supplies

A private water supply is one that is not provided by a local water company (either South East Water or Southern Water).

Odours and smells

Sources of odours and smells, and how we deal with complaints.

Report a dead animal in Eastbourne

Use our online form to report a dead animal found in Eastbourne

Report a dead animal in the Lewes district

Use our online form to report a dead animal found in the Lewes district

Report lost and found dogs

Use our online form to report lost or found dogs in Eastbourne or the Lewes district

Report an issue with a dog

Use our online form to report an issue with a dog in Eastbourne or the Lewes district

Pest control services

Read our guidance on who to contact for different types of pest control, including our own service for dealing with rats in your home.

Responsible dog ownership

Find out what is expected from dog owners and what can be done about irresponsible dog owners

Neighbourhood First

Neighbourhood First is a team of advisors who work with communities to improve their neighbourhood.