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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Wheelie bin refuse collections coming to Lewes district in 2024

We are introducing wheelie bins for refuse across the district in the spring and summer 2024. If you would like a particular type of bin you can order one using the form below. You can also let us know if you have an old bin you'd like us to take away. If you already have a Lewes District Council refuse wheelie bin, you are welcome to keep using it and you do not need to do anything.

Our new recycling, refuse and food waste collection rounds began from the week commencing Monday 4 March 2024. Please refer to your new collection calendar from now on and always put your bins out by 6am on your collection days. You can download a copy of your calendar from

Latest update: April 2024

Phase 1: The first phase of our refuse wheelie bin rollout has been taking place across rural parts of the district throughout March and into April. This will be complete by Friday 19 April so if you live in a Phase 1 area and we haven't delivered your new bin yet, it should arrive by this date. 

If it doesn't arrive or if we have delivered you a bin and you'd like to swap it for a different size - please email

Please note: Our crews will begin emptying wheelie bins using the lorry mechanism from the end of each roll-out phase.

Phase 2: If you live in Newhaven Town, Peacehaven, Saltdean or Telscombe Cliffs you are in Phase 2 of the rollout. You have until Monday 8 April to let us know if you'd like a particular type of refuse bin. We will then deliver news bins to these areas during April and May.

  • If you already have an LDC-issued refuse wheelie bin, you are welcome to keep using it and do not need to do anything.
  • If you do not request a particular size bin don't worry, we will deliver you one appropriate for your home. Details of the bin sizes are available further down the page.
  • If you have an old refuse bin you would like us to take away, you can request this via the link below.
  • Until you have your new refuse bin, please continue to put your refuse out in black sacks or your usual bin.

Why is Lewes District Council changing to wheelie bins for refuse?

Wheelie bins are a safer option for our waste crews, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal and other injuries. They also make refuse less susceptible to attacks from gulls and other animals than black sacks, reducing neighbourhood litter.


What do I need to do?

If you already have a Lewes District Council-issued refuse wheelie bin, you are welcome to keep using it and you do not need to do anything. 

If you have a non-LDC bin, it will need to be replaced with one of our LDC-issued bins. This is because we need to guarantee the safety of our waste operatives when the bins are attached, lifted and emptied into our waste collection vehicles and this requires a standardised bin design.


I don't have an LDC-issued bin: How do I request a new bin?

If you do not have a LDC-issued bin, we will deliver you one for free. All you need to do is let us know what size bin you'd prefer.

We are offering slimmer 140-litre wheelie bins, as many households now find these give plenty of space for their waste. They are also easier to store and move around.

Alternatively, if you do not have space to store a wheelie bin or have very narrow pavements outside your home, you can request a gull-proof recycling sack.

For residents with greater household waste needs, we will provide the bigger capacity 240-litre bins.

Please use the order form below that asks for your name and address and the size of bin you'd like.

Request a wheelie bin

Please note: if you order a bin then change your mind, you can simply submit another order before the cut-off date of your phase of the roll out. We will then send you whichever type of bin you ordered most recently.

How big are the bins?

LDC refuse bin options

  • 140-litre wheelie bins are: 110cm tall x 49cm wide x 55.5cm deep.
  • 240-litre wheelie bins are: 110cm tall x 59cm wide x 74cm deep.
  • Gull sacks are: 100cm tall x 45cm wide x 40cm deep. These are only for homes with no space to store a bin or very narrow pavements.

Both sizes of wheelie bins are grey and are made in the UK from 98% recycled plastic.


Is this creating plastic wastage?

Both sizes of wheelie bins are grey and are made in the UK from 98% recycled plastic. 

Any old bins collected will be recycled or re-used for other purposes to ensure that minimal waste is created.


What happens with my old non-LDC bin?

You can choose to keep, repurpose or recycle non-LDC refuse bins. We encourage you to find re-uses for old bins such as a composter, a water butt, or cut down as a planter.

We are also happy to collect your old bin and either donate it to groups that will reuse it, or have it recycled into new bins. This could be any type of refuse bin, not just a wheelie bin.

Please use the form below to ask for your old bin to be collected.

Request your non-LDC refuse bin is taken away

When is the roll-out and when is the cut-off for ordering an LDC bin?

Phase of Rollout


When this phase of roll-out will happen

Last date to choose a type of refuse bin

Phase One

Barcombe | Barcombe Cross | Burgess Hill | Chailey | Chailey Green | Cooksbridge | Ditchling | East Chiltington | Hamsey | Haywards Heath | Newick | North Chailey | Offham | Plumpton | Plumpton Green | Ringmer | Scaynes Hill | South Chailey | Streat | Westmeston | Wivelsfield | Wivelsfield Green |

February / March 2024

26 February 2024

Phase Two

Newhaven Town | Peacehaven | Saltdean | Telscombe Cliffs |

April / May 2024

8 April 2024

Phase Three

Bishopstone | Bishopstone Village | Denton | Norton | Seaford | South Heighton |

May / June 2024

20 May 2024

Phase Four

Beddingham Falmer | Firle | Glynde | Iford | Itford | Kingston | Lewes | Newhaven (C7) | Northease | Piddinghoe Ringmer (final few homes - most of Ringmer will fall under phase 1) | Rodmell | Southease | Southerham | Swanborough | Tarring Neville | Telscombe Village 

July / August 2024


01 July 2024


Will I get a new collection calendar?

Yes. Alongside the wheelie bin roll out we have reviewed our refuse and recycling rounds and have sent all homes a paper calendar with all dates for refuse, recycling and food waste collections for the coming year.

You can download your calendar at: When is my bin collection day?

How many refuse bins can I have at my house?

Our policy will be to empty one refuse wheelie bin per household unless you have a need that meets our equality criteria, in which case you can request an extra bin. For an extra 240ltr bin this includes households with 10 people or more, or households that produce medical (non-infectious) waste.

For details are available here: Refuse bin criteria (PDF) [107KB]

I recently paid for a wheelie bin can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we are unable to give refunds for bins previously purchased. We stopped charging for refuse wheelie bins in November 2023 as soon as the new policy was confirmed.

Do I need to sign for my new bin?

You do not need to sign for your new bin or be at home when it is delivered.

When will you start to empty my new bin?

Refuse collections will start from your next scheduled collection day after your bin is delivered.

For example, if your scheduled collection day is a Monday, your refuse collections will start the Monday after your bin is delivered, regardless of the day you get your new bin.

What if I want to continue putting out my refuse in black sacks?

We appreciate that for some residents this will be a big change, however, the experience from other areas where wheelie bins are already in use is that they have: increased recycling, improved the cleanliness of their streets and reduced waste collection crews' injuries. We want to bring these benefits to Lewes district.

If you are concerned about plastic use - as we are -  you should feel free to put your refuse directly into the bin, or use thinner, recycled plastic or paper bags.

Can I get help putting my wheelie bin out?

We offer assisted collections to anyone who might find it hard putting their bins out.  

If you think you may require this service, please email fill out the form below or call us on 01273 471600.

Request an Assisted Collection

What if I put out more waste than my bin will hold?

Our crew will only be able to collect refuse within your wheelie bin. Our policy will be to empty one refuse wheelie bin per household unless you have a need that meets our equality criteria, in which case you can request an extra bin. For an extra 240ltr bin this includes households with 10 people or more, or households that produce medical (non-infectious) waste.

We collect recycling every fortnight and food waste weekly, separately from your refuse.

There is no limit to the number of recycling or food waste bins we will collect from your home. You can request extra bins or join our food waste service at any time via our website: New and replacement food waste or recycling bins

Will you collect extra refuse after Christmas?

We know people often have more waste at Christmas, and encourage residents to recycle or compost as much as possible.

We will pick up extra bin bags ('side waste' in black bags) for the two collections following Christmas.

How will you be communicating with residents about the new service?

We have sent all households a letter with their new calendar explaining the changes. We will also keep residents updated in all our usual ways, including District News magazine, the local newspapers, on the council website, our social media profiles and in email updates.

Sign-up for email alerts

When we deliver the new bins, council officers will be on-hand to talk about the new scheme with residents and answer any questions.

Can I request old wheelie bins you are collecting from residents for use by a business, school, group or individual for storage?

We are happy to offer these old bins to businesses, individuals or community groups.

Please email your request to

Do you have any other questions or need to speak to us?

If you have a question that isn't answered above, please email us at

If you or someone you know would like to call us to order a new bin or ask for an old bin to be taken away, please phone 01273 471600