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Wheelie bins

Latest updates on rollout of wheelie bins for refuse in Lewes district

Trees and hedges

Guidance on trees and hedgerows on our highways and streets, plus advice on tree works.

Hedgerow protection and removal

The Hedgerow Regulations seek to protect important hedgerows in the countryside by controlling their removal through a system of notification.

Highways and street trees

Information on highways and street trees.

Dangerous trees

What is a dangerous tree, who is responsible for them, what action we can take and how to report a dangerous tree.

Employing tree experts and tree work surgeons

Advice on how to employ tree experts and tree work surgeons, the required qualifications and certificates and online directory of contacts for tree work professionals.

Tree advice for developers and architects

Information on trees in relation to construction and the planning system, arboricultural consultants and how trees can enhance development.

Apply for consent for tree works

How to apply for consent for tree works, download tree works application forms or apply through the planning portal.

Protected trees

Information and advice on protected trees including tree preservation orders and trees in conservation areas.

High hedge disputes

Information on high hedge disputes and complaints in Lewes District and the borough of Eastbourne

Tree pests and diseases

Information on how to report trees that may be diseased including Dutch elm disease within Lewes District and the borough of Eastbourne

Proposed tree preservation orders

When we raise a provisional Tree Preservation Order (TPO) we notify the landowner and any interested parties that are likely to be directly affected by it.

The Tree of Reflection

A new memorial has been installed in Hampden Park as a place where people can reflect on personal experiences during the pandemic.