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Tree pests and diseases

The threat from introduced pests and diseases to our trees, forests and woodlands has never been greater.

Reduce the risk of further contamination and spreading of harmful insects, bacterial and fungal organisms by employing good bio security measures. The Forestry Commission provide guidance on Bio security and preventing the introduction and spread of harmful organisms - pests, pathogens or invasive species. For general guidance DEFRA's publication Tree health management plan give further information.

The Plant Health (Forestry) Order 1993 regulations prevent the spread of pests and diseases of trees, particularly forests. The Forestry Commission Plant Health Service provide further advice.

Dutch Elm Disease

Please select the appropriate council below for local information.

Diagnosing tree diseases or damage

The Forestry Commission runs the Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service which charges a fee for their service, diagnosing the cause of damage to trees and shrubs.

Tree pests and diseases - Lewes District Council

A successful campaign has been run since 1971 to control tree diseases. Locally this is now managed by East Sussex County Council.  

Please report any sightings as quickly as possible as early action can often save the tree.

Ulmus Maritime is a project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund to help protect the elms, regenerate the population and raise awareness of this exceptional feature of the Sussex landscape. 

Tree pests and diseases - Eastbourne Borough Council

Dutch Elm Disease

Eastbourne is within the Dutch Elm Disease control area defined within the Plant Health Act 1967 and The Dutch Elm Disease (Local Authorities) Order 1984. Eastbourne Borough Council controls the spread of Dutch Elm Disease within the boundaries of Eastbourne which is caused by the Elm Bark Beetle breeding in infected timber, by removing either limbs or whole trees that are infected.

Eastbourne Borough Council is empowered by this legislation to order any infected trees on private land to be felled and burnt by the tree owner. In the interests of speed and efficient disease control the Borough Council project manages Dutch Elm Disease related works on private property and contributes 50% towards the costs of necessary works.

Contact us for more information or to report a suspected diseased tree.

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