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Wheelie bins

Changes to bin collections days from 4 March and new refuse wheelie bins in Lewes district

Report needles and drug waste in a public place

If you find needles and drug waste in a public place in Eastbourne or the Lewes district, you can report it to us using the online form below.

Needles will only be disposed of in public areas and it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange collection or disposal of the needles if it is on their own property. 

What to do if you discover discarded sharps

If you discover discarded sharps be careful not to touch them, and don't allow anyone else to. Please don't kick them into the gutter or drain, and don't throw them away with normal rubbish. Any of these things could pose a serious danger to other people or wildlife.

Wearing thick gloves and, if possible, using tongs or tweezers, carefully place the item sharp end first into a metal can or strong plastic bottle. Make sure you wash your hands afterwards and store the container in a safe place.

You can also contact your local pharmacy to see if they are able to provide advice or assistance in the disposal of needles. In Eastbourne you can contact Lift House, STAR drug and alcohol service or Kamsons Pharmacy, Bolton Road. 

Online report form

Data Protection

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