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How do I become a councillor?

Councillors are people who are elected to a council to represent their local community. Most people can stand for election as a local councillor.

Could you be a councillor?

  • if you care about the area in which you live or work 
  • if you take an interest in current affairs and have a strong opinion on the issues you read about
  • if you enjoy talking to friends and colleagues about what's going on in the area
  • if you feel that certain sections of the community need stronger representation
  • for more information on what a councillor does, please visit the Be a councillor website

Next steps if you'd like to become a councillor:

A nomination pack is available approximately 8 weeks before an election. It includes nomination papers which you need to complete. There is no fee or deposit to pay. For full details of the process for standing visit the Electoral commission page. 

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Last modified on 17 November 2022