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New funding streams 'help address the shortage' of specially adapted homes

Cabinet councillors have endorsed a series of new funding streams that will give disabled people greater opportunities to move if their current property isn't suitable.

Mark Slater

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The new provisions for financial support are included in the council's new Private Sector Housing Financial Assistance Policy, which the councillors unanimously supported.

Disabled Facilities Grants are a statutory requirement that all councils provide and are mainly focused on funding adaptations in a home to make it more accessible for the disabled people living there. 

With additional funding now in place, there are several other financial mechanisms that can help people move to a more suitable property, including a shared equity scheme. 

Working with the Parity Trust, the council will consider loans for families where their current home is not suitable for their long-term disability needs and cannot be adapted. The scheme will give the council a share of the new property, but there will be no requirement for the homeowners to make monthly payments.

Councillor Mark Slater, Cabinet member for tenants and those in housing need, said: 

"Too often we hear of situations where disabled family members are living in properties that are wholly unsuitable, not least because there isn't the scope to make the required adaptions. 

 "This initiative, alongside our determination to build more specially adapted homes, will help address the shortage of properties that all disabled people should have access to." 

Other new funding streams within the policy include a fast-track equipment grant to help prevent falls, handyperson assistance, respite accommodation funding for when work is being carried out at the family home and second home adaptations in cases where disabled children cannot stay safely with the second parent. 

Councillor Slater added: "I am particularly pleased we will be providing a new discretionary payment of up to £20,000 for essential adaptations where a family with disabled members lives between two properties. This will be hugely beneficial for families where parents are living separately." 

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